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Regression Therapist

I am a regression therapist since 2016 and certified by IBRT and Earth organisations. I am specialized in Past Life and Current Life Regression, LBL (life between lives), Hynotherapy, Energy Field Cleaning and working with children.

I was born in 1979 in Turkey. After studying University in Istanbul and Masters degree in Milan and working in the Advertising and Communications area I came across with Regression Therapy.

I was already familiar with Reiki, Yoga and Transcendental Meditation but Regression Therapy was really what I was looking for. So my journey first as a client and then as a therapist started.

I received my Diploma on regression therapy in 2017. I now live in London and holding face to face and online sessions in both Turkish and English.


Past Life Regression,
Current Life Regression,
Life Between Lives,
Energy Cleaning

Past Life Regression

Regression means going back and in regression therapy the client goes back to the memory from the past life or maybe from the current life that still affects the today beliefs or behaivour. It is aimed to reach the subconcious records that the client may not be conciously aware of and solve the issue.

It is hold in a light trans mode where the client is in control and aware of everything around her/him.

The intent is mostly to solve an emotional and physical issue and to do that the client remembers the source memory where it all started. After understanding the story rewrites it with different feelings and thoughts and that way the old records start to change. It is when the old records change the today effects start to change too. The memory is then healed and no longer bothers the client.

Regression Therapy Focusing Points

Obsessions, recurring dreams

Emotional issues like fear, anger, guilt, sadness, loneliness, depression etc.


Unexplained physical symptoms, pain in the muscles, numbness, panic attacks, blocked feelings etc.


Problems with the partner, family, colleagues or socially


Feeling spiritually blocked


For below diagnosis:

*Post Traumatic Stress

*Sexual or psychological abuse





Current Life Regression

Current life regression is very similar to past life regression. If one has traumatic memories in her/his life it would be very helpful to work on the current life issues, memories and the feelings and thoughts behind them.


In the session client goes back to when she/he was in the womb before birth and understands the real thoughts, feelings and beliefs until the recent age.

Life Between Lives

LBL sessions take place in a little deeper trans mode and focuses on the time spent in the spiritual realm where we can also call home. The client focuses on the life plan and details before incarnated, interact with the spiritual guides and teachers to be able to look at her/his life from a broader perspective and have a better understanding.


Hypnotherapy is using guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a trans where the client is very focused on the issue she/he wants to solve and ready to do it. It is similar to guided meditation where the therapist helps the client to stop a habit or overcome a fear by basically reading a script. The client is fully aware and in control as in the regression sessions.

Energy Cleaning

Everyone has an energy field surrounding their physical bodies. One can accept low frequency, not wanted energies that is not belong to her/him. This kind of energy may weaken the free will and sucks the positive energy. If one has an attachment in that sense then he/she may not use her/his full potential and the quality of their life decreases.

To be able to live the life fully and freely keeping our energy field is very important and all can benefit from an energy cleaning session not just in terms of relasing the attachments but to understand the reasons why they were accepted and resolve the issue not to accept them again.


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Tel: 07547 809919


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