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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I making it up?

This may be be the most asked question. Some clients may feel as if they are making up a story rather than remembering a memory from past life. What matters here is the story being consistent, reaching to a conclusion and helping the client solve the issue. One my look at it like a story therapy but the past life memories have so many intertwisted details which is very hard to make up.

Will I be in pain?

Some clients are hesitant to be in pain when remembering past life traumas but past life memories are mostly faint memories that are less effective. One does not go through the same pain as was lived in the past life. It may be compared to remembering a dream where one can still recall how it made him/her feel but do not live the same moment as real. What is important is understanding what the feelings and thoughts were during that trauma where this is the key to solve the issue.

Is it safe to be trans?

Conciousness has layers:

Beta- Daily conciousness

Alfa- a little more relaxed mode, the conciousness during listening to music or reading a book (meditation and regression sessions take place in a little deeper Alpha mode)

Theta- just before falling asleep

Delta- deep sleep

Regression takes place in deep Alpha where client is concious and aware of what is going on around him/herself. Therefore the client is in control whenever she/he wants to say, end the session or act in any other way in his/her preferance.

It is safe to have a Regression session with a trained and experinced therapist.

Do I need to believe in Reincarnation?

Some clients wonder if believing in past lives or reincarnation is a must for having a Regression session. The answer is no. One does not have to believe in any of it to be able to remember a story and solve the issue around it. Those people may see it as a story therapy. What matters is the resolutions coming out of the story.

What else can I benefit from alongside Regression Therapy?




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